Upcoming Workshops

3DS / Medidata / Life Sciences Leadership (Spring Cohort)*
May 3, 2021 - Session 1 of 4
May 10, 2021 - Session 2 of 4
May 17, 2021 - Session 3 of 4
May 24, 2021 - Session 4 of 4

*All sessions run from 10:00a - Noon EDT.

Participants are required to attend all sessions.

Below are the learning objectives and topics of the FLIP'D Coaching for Sales Performance workshop.  After reviewing these please continue on to the ATTENDEE PREP page by clicking here (or using the navigation menu above)

Dynamics of Leadership and Coaching 

  • Provide a networking opportunity to create the formation of peer coaching groups
  • Review the workshop agenda, learning activities and ground rules for the workshop
  • Reveal and review the anonymous FLOAT feedback (from workshop prep work) to drive awareness and future coaching focus
  • Reflect on Emotional Intelligence (in leadership) and identify one strength and one area of improvement for each individual
  • Discuss the key characteristics of “Authentic Leadership” and what it takes to be a “Great Team Leader”

Driving Sales Performance

  • Collaborate to share what leaders already know about coaching.
  • Review (from workshop prep work) the concept of becoming a “multiplier” type leader
  • Identify what type of "force-diminisher” the leader most relates to, and why.
  • Discuss key concepts of sales performance including flow, conflict, obstacles and interference.

Coaching for Progress

  • Produce examples of real leadership conversations and identify the dominant coaching approach to reach team-based decisions
  • Align the practice of coaching for progress with the appropriate leadership conversation
  • Experience how the FLIP’D mindset relates to coaching individuals in driving sales performance as an extended team
  • Practice real-world coaching conversations where an extended team member needs to make progress toward a common goal

The Nature of Feedback

  • Compare various types of feedback and describe the advantages of each
  • Learn the Feedback Framework as an effective approach to delivering feedback
  • Discuss the difference between proactive and reactive feedback

CheckUps and Data Driven Conversations

  • Learn to incorporate diagnostic CheckUps into a team leadership routine
  • Explore the key extended team (account) metrics used to measure sales performance
  • Align individual coaching strategies based on past performance and future potential
  • Apply the FLIP’D coaching framework to data driven conversations

Coaching Pipeline Health and Deal Velocity

  • Learn the key levers that fuels deal velocity.
  • Explore tactics to diagnose and treat poor pipeline health scenarios
  • Perform a pipeline health assessment of a poor performing rep using CRM data 
  • Practice using the FLIP’D framework to coach a poor performing sales rep to drive deal velocity and improve pipeline health

Coaching for Calibration

  • Differentiate between Coaching for Progress and Coaching for Calibration
  • Determine when to use Coaching for Calibration in pursuit of the leader’s goal
  • Apply the FLIP’D Model in situations where calibration is needed
  • Use the Conversation Blueprint to better plan for challenging calibration type discussions

FLIP’D Coaching in Motion 

  • Review of FLIP’D Workshop learnings and activities
  • Sketch out key Peer Coaching Group activities for the next 90 days
  • Share and record one key take-away from the workshop experience
  • Complete online Workshop Feedback Survey