Leaders: Do Less, More Better

You’ve probably heard of Pareto’s Principle — or the 80/20 Rule, right?

This scientifically proven and predictable concept asserts …

minority of causes, inputs or effort usually lead to the majority of results, outcomes or rewards.

In other words, in the world of successful selling — all things are not equal. A small amount of causes produces most of the results. Just the right amount of input creates the optimal output.

Selected effort creates almost all of the rewards.

In leadership, management and coaching — the majority of what you want will come directly from the minority of what you do. That’s right. Extraordinary results are disproportionate from the actions that most managers think need to be applied to reach their goals.

So how do you put this into action? Here’s a couple of FLIP’D coaching tips that you can move on today and benefit from this 80/20 universal law.

Prioritize Your To-Do List
Is your “need progress list” extremely long right now? Are you concerned there is too much on the operational plate to accomplish this week?

Consider extricating any ‘should do’s’ and only keeping the ‘gotta do’s’ on this list. Make sure there is a ‘line in the sand’ that you only cross if time permits. Make sure these items are the most important and represent the least effort. Consider using some form of digital based tracking tool to keep tabs on this. 

 Limit Coaching Conversations to One Single Progress Goal
As you learn and train other leaders using the FLIP’D framework — it’s all about FOCUS.

The premise of a FLIP’D Coaching for Progress conversation is to start with a specific, measurable and actionable goal, that everyone is in alignment on. This coaching conversation needs to be focused. How many coaching conversations wander back and forth from reality — to discussing possible solutions — and back again.

Make it a requirement to have a clear and actionable goal (FOCUS) before anyone can schedule time on your calendar.

One meeting = One Focus = One Path, at the end.

Since many of us operate in such a fast paced business environment, the balance of life and work effort is critical. Think about what is the 20% effort to produce the exponential business gains in your teams to meet performance goals. It’s your job to figure that out and keep the teams focused on that 20%.

Do Less / More Better!