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Preparation is always the key to your learning success.  Please follow these simple three steps (below) that will have you ready to learn and practice the latest techniques in coaching for sales performance. (See action steps below)


Send the “Measuring Leadership Analysis” to everyone on your team at least two weeks prior to the scheduled workshop. The results will be shared back with you (during the workshop) in aggregate.  All responses are kept anonymous, so please encourage 100% participation from your team members.

Note: Your workshop facilitator will provide a direct link to the “Measuring Leadership Analysis”, that must be forwarded to your direct / managed reports. If you have not received the personalized link to this survey form, please reach out to your program facilitator.

This 15 minute survey is designed to give you direct feedback on your coaching skills and emotional intelligence as seen from the lens of your team members and colleagues. It also will give you direct input on what skills are required to help the team be successful in the coming year.

Can this also be sent to colleagues I don’t directly manage?

Absolutely.  If you typically collaborate and “indirectly manage” (via dotted line) or “informally coach” team members this is a great survey to share with them.  Use your judgment on which colleagues might provide the greatest feedback to help grow your personal leadership skills and make sure they get the link and instructions.

Please note, this is for your team only. It is not necessary for you to complete this survey.  It is important you obtain as much feedback from team members as possible.


Clear your schedule.  The workshop is an immersive experience with minimal access to email, laptops and mobile devices.  Please plan accordingly with your team during this “personal professional development” experience. You will be out of office for the the session(s) working on your “leadership craft.”  Setting this expectation with your manager and your team is important, so please do so.

Your program facilitator should have provided details with date(s) and times(s) to you depending on whether this is being run as a single-day event or over multiple sessions.  Also details of location or links to the virtual sessions will be provided by your program facilitator.


Watch the workshop prep videos.  (Approximately 20 minutes total)

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