Unlearn Before You Learn

Here’s a great quote from Mike Kennedy, the Associate Vice President, Talent & Learning , from The National Basketball Association (NBA) based in New York City.

We know that one of the bigger challenges in learning isn’t getting people [leaders] to learn but getting them to unlearn right before they learn.
-Mike Kennedy 

Mike Kennedy, Courtesy CLO Magazine (www.clomedia.com)

Leadership is probably the area of practice where that is most the case, much like parenting. We think we know what it means to be a good parent based on our own experience. Similarly, we come into leadership often with very little preparation [and] unfortunately with a set idea of what great leadership looks like and try to embody those practices.

 But then somewhere along the line those things whether or not they’re effective just become very set for you. Part of the journey is, again, helping people unlearn and look at whether they’re using the practices that work best for the people that they’re leading.

FLIP’D Coaching for Sales Performance™ focuses on unlearning some of the “accidental diminishing tendencies” leaders think are great — and applying a whole new mindset to their leadership approach.  It’s time to unlearn … right before you learn!